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Footsteps to Freedom

Footsteps to Freedom was started by Christo A. Scheepers in 2017 when he left full-time employment to enter the world of self-employment and freelancing. It began as the theme of his website at but evolved to become the official blog on towards the end of 2021 as the year 2022 is about to […]

website picture is a website developed by Christo A. Scheepers to empower people with contemporary resources. Christo A. Scheepers has a passion to empower people and bring out the best in people and this website intends to provide valuable resources to the postgraduate research students he supervises, but also to healthcare professionals, and individuals that need […]

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Christo A. Scheepers

Christo A. Scheepers is passionate about empowering people with Research, Teaching, Training, and Therapy (RT³). In today’s post, we’ll briefly look at exactly who this man is. He was born in 1977 in Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape (South Africa) and grew up on a dairy farm in Alexandria (Eastern Cape). He completed all twelve […]