Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring

Professional consulting, coaching & mentoring services are offered to researchers and research students.











Editing & Proofreading

Editing and Proofreading are needed to ensure any written work is properly structured, while the correct grammar and appropriate punctuation, and correct referencing are used.  When entrenched in your own writing, it is often difficult to see mistakes and then the function of a professional editor and/or proofreader is needed to ensure your document is of the highest possible quality.  Professional editing and proofreading services are offered for any written work, including research proposals, dissertations, and theses.  Turnaround time is usually 2 to 4 weeks for a document up to 150 pages.











Lecturing & Workshop Facilitation

Professional lecturing and workshop facilitation services are offered to educational institutions up to NQF Level 10 (doctorate) qualifications; the educational institution usually pays for lecturing and workshop facilitation services.

Subjects (Modules) Lectured include:

  • Research Methodology, and Dissertation Writing (Postgraduate)
  • Business Management, Change Management, Diversity Management, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Management (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)










Professional Writing

Professional writing services are offered in the form of (1) content or ghostwriting, and (2) curriculum development writing.

Content and Ghostwriting

As a published author, Christo A. Scheepers offers content writing services to your organisation by developing content you may use in articles, brochures, pamphlets, websites, and related material.  Christo A. Scheepers is available to assist you in writing your book, article, brochures, pamphlets, or related material as a ghostwriter while you are acknowledged as the author with full copyright of the work.

Curriculum Development Writing

As an experienced Curriculum Development Writer, Christo A. Scheepers is available to write SAQA-accredited module guides, assignments, and exam papers for educational institutions.  Curriculum Development Writing is usually accompanied by a formal contract between the independent contractor (writer) and the educational institution.











Public Speaking

Public speaking for inspiration, motivation or sharing of knowledge is offered for your organisation or function.

Public Speaking Topics may include:

  • Complementary Healthcare, Corporate Wellness, Therapeutic Reflexology, and Wellness
  • Business, Facilitating Change, Entrepreneurship, and Practice Management
  • Overcoming Trauma, Divorce Recovery, and Personal Growth
  • Performance, and Productivity











Research Supervision

Universities appoint research supervisors, and sometimes research co-supervisors, to guide research students that are completing a formal research project for honours, masters, or doctoral degrees, usually based on the expertise of the supervisor in relation to the research topic and aim of the research project.  Christo A. Scheepers has successfully supervised, to completion, the research of hundreds of postgraduate research students for various business qualifications [BBA(Hons.), B.Com.(Hons), BPA(Hons.), MBA, M.Com., MPA] in the fields of business management, change management, entrepreneurship, healthcare management, human resource management, marketing management, and strategic management.