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Dear Christo, I thought I would share the below compliment from your supervision student.  It is always a pleasure to receive such positive feedback.  On behalf of the Postgraduate Research Department, we thank you for the continued support that you provide to our students.

Research Supervision Postgraduate Research Manager: MANCOSA

Christo, you have really expanded my skills even though I already have a Master’s degree; this dissertation is much more thorough in terms of supervision. I owe a lot to your guidance. It is always easy to accept average work, but I have seen that is not your style. This has been a lesson to me as well as it is a principle I apply to my work as well. Therefore, a special thanks to you for your broad knowledge, amazing ability to drill down to the core essentials, but most of all for your punctuality and immediate response to all my queries. Your patience while I fumbled back and forth makes you an invaluable supervisor!

Research Supervision MBA-Student (Medical Doctor)

Christo, you are the best lecturer I ever had!

Lecturing MBA-Student (University of Stellenbosch Lecturer)

You will never realise how much you have helped me. I am a new person: positive and excited about life. My life and everything about it have drastically changed. I thank God for you. May God bless you for everything you have meant to me and have done for me. Thank you for listening to His voice.

Consulting H.M.T.
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Research Supervision

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Universities appoint research supervisors, and sometimes research co-supervisors, to guide research students that are completing a formal research project for honours, masters, or doctoral degrees, usually based on the expertise of the supervisor in relation to the research topic and aim of the research project.

Christo A. Scheepers has successfully supervised, to completion, more than 300 postgraduate research students for various business qualifications [BBA(Hons.), B.Com.(Hons), BPA(Hons.), MBA, M.Com., MPA] in the fields of business management, change management, entrepreneurship, healthcare management, human resource management, marketing management, and strategic management.

If you want him as your research supervisor, please contact us as the specific university has to appoint him on a contract basis.  Research consultations are also available (online or offline) for students he is not supervising.

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